Angelica Civil War Reenactment Event

Civil War Weekend


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Historic 1805 Angelica, NY

September 21 – 23, 2018



Can I drive down Main St. during the event?○ There will be some restrictions to driving and parking on Main Street during this event. Please see the following for the details: Driving/Parking Restrictions

Will there be a fee to attend this event?○ No fee to attend the event however there will be a nominal fee for parking at the fairgrounds.

Where can I park?○ During the event guests are to park at the Allegany County Fairgrounds parking lot. There will be a shuttle service to and from Main St and a nominal fee for each vehicle.

Where can I find the schedule?○ follow this link: Schedule

Who should I contact to volunteer?○ Please send an email to with your contact information and we will let you know where we need help.

When and where is the food?○ Follow this link for Food

Can I join the reenactors during the event?Please see this site for details on registering for the event: Register Here

Do's and Don'ts: PLEASE DO:
– Be aware that there are various types of impressions. Some reenactors try and portray the actual person and stay in character. This is known as “First Person.” Others will dress as period persons but will describe what the actual people did in “Third Person,” but not attempt to be the actual 1860’s individual.
– Visit the Camps of the Reenactors! We are here to show you how people lived in the 1860’s. You will find a great variety of tents and different camp items to view, and all ages and types of people! Feel free to ask questions of reenactors, we love to talk. We are Living Historians and will happily discuss or debate the issues of the era, or describe for you the objects and actions you see.
– Feel free to look into tents that the flaps are open, they are part of the display of life in the era. Many reenactors take great pains and pride to present a camp or tent that is as it would be in the era.
– Visit the sutlers (period merchants); They are a wealth of information as well and may have something you are interested in! Reenactors purchase many of the items we use from them, and they carry many items that the public may wish to take home as a souvenir.
– Come to the Battles! Much planning and practice goes into what you will see on the field. The reenacting units drill year-round to develop their marching and weapons skills to demonstrate the different maneuvers and ability to move as a body of troops.
– Have a good time at the event!
– Walk on to the battlefield while the battle is taking place, or walk infront of any group giving a firing demonstration! This is for your own safety. We take the safety of the public and ourselves as our first responsibility and have rules to insure everyone can enjoy the event without injury.
– Touch the artillery pieces or handle any firearms, unless it is offered to you by the owner. Some are very costly, and it may be loaded! Again, this is for everyone’s safety, and to prevent accidents. If you ask a question about it, chances are the reenactor will offer to show you his or her weapon, describe its characteristics and the differences from other weapons and may even offer to let you hold it.
– Interrupt a living historian while he or she is giving a presentation, there will always be time for questions when the prepared remarks are completed. Many reenactors have memorized or researched their topics and may be trying to present the information in an organized way. They will always be happy to answer questions after they have finished.
– Heckle or otherwise try to get someone in “first person” to fall out of character. We try very hard to become the characters we portray and trying to intentionally break that is impolite. As with live theatre or other performances, it is not polite to interrupt the performance as an attempt at humor or to disrupt it. We appreciate your not trying to do so.
– Open a tent that has been tied shut; a closed tent means the contents are private! Some reenactors may not have had time to “tidy up” or hide modern items they may have. Others may be using the tent to change clothing or rest. Please respect the privacy of others by not trying to open tents that are tied shut.
-THANK YOU, and have a safe and fun time at our event!